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XLO Reference - Test & Burn-In Gold CD
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XLO Reference - Test & Burn-In Gold CD

XLO Reference - Test & Burn-In Gold CD

Product Information

This is THE step-by-step guide to setting up and fine-tuning your audio or home theatre system. Roger Skoff of XLO Electric (innovators in the field of cables and interconnects) and "Prof." Keith O. Johnson (audio guru and co-inventor of HDCD) lead you through a quick and easy system set-up.

Included are tracks dealing with Balance, Wiring and Polarity, Speaker Placement, Soundstaging, Imaging and Depth, Absolute Phase, Component Demagnetization and Burn-In, PLUS a varied selection of Reference Recordings jazz and classics to show off your fully-tweaked system!

Technical Tracks

1. Channel Identification (Left/Right)
2. Voice In-Phase
3. Voice Out-of-Phase
4. Clap Track
5. 315 Hz Test Tone
6. "Prof." Johnson Does Something Spatial
7. Demagnetizing Sweep
8. Demagnetizing Fade
9. System Burn-In

Music Tracks

10. Mon, In-Phase
11. Mon, Out-Of-Phase
12. Stereo, Out of Absolute Phase
13. Stormy Weather
14. Shiny Stockings
15. Morton Gould: Derivations, "Rag" movement
16. Janácek: Sinfonietta, "The Queen's Monastery"
17. Franx Biebl: "Ave Maria"
18. Weinberger: "Polka and Fugue"

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